You should expect a march of approximately 17 city blocks (of varying lengths) from start to finish. There will be a slight uphill trend to the route. Starting and ending points are city parks that are accessible to wheelchairs. Exit to/from the march for wheelchairs once the march is underway will be via city curb-cuts. We wish to ensure that no marcher is left behind, so we will invite slower-moving marchers (whether by reason of age, mobility, or otherwise) to take the lead and be at the front of the march. We will ensure that the march does not pass those slower-moving marchers.

There will be a van at the rear of the march for folks to ride in, if they wish to be in the march, but are unable to walk. This is a rented vehicle, so we can’t be 100% sure that it’s MCS safe. The van will also serve as our rear guard from traffic behind us. There is ONE wheelchair-accessible spot in the van, so please contact us in advance if you need to use this space.

Victoria Park, our ending location, is equipped with public restrooms. Victoria Park has two bathrooms located on the west side of the park. Bathrooms contain a lockable single stall (one bathroom also has a urinal) and a sink/waiting area. Both the outside entrance and the stall entrance are approximately 30″ wide. The outside stall does not have an automatic/push-button entrance and swings inward to open. There are grab bars in the stalls.

This is a non smoking event. This means that if you want to light up or vape up at the park following the march, you must LEAVE THE PARK to do it, and light up or vape up on the sidewalk. We have organizers, performers, and volunteers who have smoke sensitivities.

**We’re trying to have a scent free event this year.** We are sad to have heard that people had to leave the march last year due to smoke and perfume allergies.

Tips for a scent free march:

– Try using baking soda to wash your outfit and skip the dryer sheets.

– Wash your body with baking soda or natural scent free soap. Baking soda makes hair silky smooth and freshens everything.

– Consider an unscented deodorant (Zinc ointment works very well and is affordable)

– Use scent free lotions, creams, pain topicals, and hair products.

– Avoid natural oils, colognes, and perfumes.

– As much as we love nail art, please apply your fresh coat of fabulous the day before.

– Make signs and placards the day before so marker and paint can dry before the march.

Please bring your own signs, banners, and flags. There will be some placards with cedar handles. If you wish to write your own message instead of re using the original messages from past marches, please bring non toxic unscented markers. Please note also that for people who will require the use of both hands while marching (e.g. folks using a walker/ two canes), we will provide you with string to lanyard or tie your sign/banner/flag, so that you can still carry forward the message you want to express.

This event will be filmed & photographed by community members and the media. Be ready to be seen and heard!

If you do not wish your photo taken, please let the photographers know. They are independent of the organizing team, but we expect respect will be extended to those who ask for privacy.

>>> ASL interpretation will be provided from 5:30pm to 8:30pm!