2016 Trans Two Spirit Genderqueer Intersex March on Unceded Coast Salish Territory


Calling trans, genderqueer, two-spirit, intersex people, and allies: lets take to the streets! On July 29th we come together for a political protest and a celebration of gender diversity!

Wear what you want, and feel free to be FABULOUS. Wear what makes you feel great! Bring noisemakers!

Allies are enthusiastically invited and welcome.

ASSEMBLE at 5:30pm at Clark Park, E 14th and Commercial Dr. to get string for your signs, arrange rides, meet volunteers, and get pumped!

5:45pm Land Recognition, Opening Welcome, and invitation for those with mobility aids, scooters, wheelchairs, children, and folks who move at a slower pace to move up front and set the pace for the march. We will begin marching at 6pm!

We will march north on Commercial Drive, turn east on Grant St, and end at Victoria Park with speeches and performances by community members.

We acknowledge that this march is taking place on unceded Coast Salish Territories (Musqueam, Skwxwú7mesh, and Tsleil Waututh Territories.) This march stands in solidarity with indigenous people’s resistance to colonization. This march operates in a spirit of inclusion and solidarity with two-spirit people who may or may not also claim identities such as trans and genderqueer.

This march acknowledges the erasure and injustice of colonization towards two-spirit people.


This march is an opportunity for two-spirit, genderqueer and trans people to be celebrated and loudly express pride in themselves and their community. There’s a lot to celebrate:

– The diverse ways we define and express our genders.

– Our bodies are beautiful in all our forms.

– We are strong, resourceful and resilient, despite a host of barriers to our dignity and freedom!

– Our long, often unmentioned, history of protest and activism.

– We are beautiful, brilliant and creative!

– Two-spirit, trans and genderqueer people are sexy!

– We stand in solidarity for the safety & dignity of all sex workers!

♥ – PROTEST – ♥

Make some noise and let the world know what needs to change! Bring noise makers, megaphones, and drums!

– Violence: social, institutional and physical violence against our minds, bodies and souls.

– Bullying at school, on the job, by the police and by our governments.

– Erasure from social histories, despite the fact that we have always been here and always will be!

– Denial of express protections against discrimination, harassment, hate-crimes and hate speech in legislation!

– Legal, administrative and institutional failures to recognize & respect our gender identities and accord us the dignity we deserve and demand!

– Employment, housing/shelter and educational insecurity and marginalization!

– Inadequate medical services!

– Oppressive delivery of medical services! Gate-keep much?

– A prison system that abuses transgender people by placing them in solitary confinement and denying them appropriate medical care.

– Lack of support and inquiry into the missing and murdered Indigenous trans women, trans women of colour, and trans people of colour in North America (Turtle Island).


This march is taking place without a march permit from the City of Vancouver or paid police services. We have the right and freedom to peacefully assemble and associate in public space. As we’ve done the last seven years, let’s use our constitutionally guaranteed freedom to assemble and express ourselves!